Service Quality Automation and Customer Satisfaction of Deposit Money Banks


  • Joseph Amaechi Anyadighibe
  • Nsobiari Festus Awara
  • Bassey Benjamin Esu


Customer satisfaction, consistency, safety, queue management, service enjoyment, service quality automation


This study focused on service quality automation (SQA) and customer satisfaction of deposit money banks (DMBs) in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. 329 respondents were used for the study. Multiple regression analysis was used to analyse the data to bring out the F- statistics in each of the hypothesis. The findings revealed that consistency (accuracy, dependability and availability), queue management (prompt service and time saving), safety (security, privacy, trust, confidence), and quality service enjoyment (convenience, ease of use, usefulness, easy access and minimal cost) of DMBs automation all had positive effect on customer satisfaction. It was recommended that DMBs should ensure that bank automation transactions are accurate (correct statement of account) and dependable (no absence of network, ATM dispensing new note and not out of cash or order) at all times to customers, and these will ensure customers’ delight. Also, DMBs should provide fast automated for cash transfer and withdrawal; and ensure that no reduction in balance without payment in electronic banking transactions to customers in order to guarantee customers’ trust. Furthermore, they should provide customers with ease of use and easy accessibility on electronic banking transactions. Finally, DMBs should not impose excessive charges above government stipulated rates in electronic banking transactions on customers.



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