Tactics for Integrating Sustainability: Basis for Corporate Governance and Nation Building


  • Blessing Chineme Okoro
  • Wechi Ibekwe


Tactic, Integrating, Sustainability, Corporate Governance, Nation Building


This paper explores the approaches for integrating sustainability as a basis for good corporate governance and nation building. Relevant content of literature was used by reviewing relevant journals, write-ups and other contributions posted on books and internet. Therefore, this paper aimed at structuring the literature on the tactics for integrating sustainability; and the basis for corporate governance and nation building; hence a conceptual analysis was employed in this paper. The conceptual framework is proposed to address the integration of sustainability management and accountability in Nigeria. Sustainability and corporate governance is one of the most important challenges of our time. Projects play a pivotal role in the realization of more sustainable business practices and the concept of sustainability has also been linked to accountability. This paper recommends, among others, the need for government to adopt a more practical approach to the promotion of accountability and good governance, a determined fight against corruption and unethical behaviour, proper management of resources, and commitment of more funds to the execution of capital  projects  that  could  positively  affect the lives of people for improved standard of living. The study identified a positive relationship between sustainable growths at the firm level. Also, the study identified numerous challenges facing sustainability, corporate governance and nation building in Nigeria.



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